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Fiesta 64 Plate Radio Staying On When Locked


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My daughter as a Ford Fiesta 64 plate 1.25 Zetec Facelift model with the Ford factory fitted radio in,

The Radio is staying on when the car is Locked by clicking the Remote unit.

My 58 plate Fiesta ECO 1.6 Radio goes off when I click the Lock button on my Remote unit.

Any Ideas why the newer Ford Fiesta Radio is staying on when the Remote is clicked to Lock unlike my older model. .

This could drain the battery if it stays playing or illuminated.

Any info will be appreciated.



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It is intermittently not going off when she leaves the car ,

even when we stand outside and lock the door via the remote unit it is not switching off.

It happens on my older Fiesta but not my daughters 64 plate.

It is annoyibng as she has to mess about for about 10 minutes before it decides to stop playing and go off.

Any info appreciated thanks,


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