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engine problems help needed

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i am not sure which engine to go for the ERST or FRST i was wondering if both are eaqauly hard to fit into a mk5 escort

as if they are both fairly tricky to fit i will gop for the ERST as it is cheaper and then sometime in the future convert to efi.

anouther thing is

that i hav read somewhere that the ERST has 2 fuel pipes coming from the tank and as my caris a 1.4 cvh (spi ,cfi) at the moment

i was wondering if i would hav to change any of the fueling systemto fit the ERST engine .

i think the fiesta engine is alot more simple to fit as it is all electric and i was wondering if with the fiesta engine i would be able touse my fuel line


thats the story

if anyone can just answer any of thos questions i can pretty much get started buyin parts etc on a tight budget lol

many many thanks


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I would be thinking the FRST engine on EFI would be the better option. MFI will start to limit your tuning potential at 200BHP. Not sure about the piping, i am sure someone on here will know,

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