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Fault Codes

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Hi guys. Could anybody please help me to establish what these mean please. A few garages are telling me different things. ?? :-) I'm going out my mind with this car !!!!!!!

P132b :- Turbocharger boost control position sensor "b" minimum/maximum stop performance.

U1039 :- vehicle speed signal missing or incorrect

Any help would be appreciated

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This is the information I was able to get about it , hope it helps.


P132B - Turbocharger (TC)/supercharger (SC) boost pressure control A- performance problem

U1039 - Communication link, vehicle speed - no signal/incorrect signal

Probably Cause

P132B - Wiring, TC/SC boost control solenoid

U1039 - ABS Module

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Thanks bobby. I'm going !Removed! grey with this car. It's finishing me off. Ha ha. Also been told the camshaft sensor can play a big part in it aswell. :-/

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