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New Owner Questions - Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Duratec (60Bhp)


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New owner of a Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Duratec 2009 registration and have a few probably silly questions that I was hoping someone could answer. :)

Firstly, I have a three button key for the car, when I unlock the car, the indicators flash and the guide me home lights turn on. But when I lock the car - the indicator lights do not flash - so the only indication the car is locked is hearing the locking sound. Is this normal?

Secondly, are these the correct Heko Wind deflectors for my three door?


Thirdly, are these the correct wipers?


Sorry for the daft questions - I just want some reassurance from fellow owners before I buy these things.


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The answer to the second and third question is yes they are correct for your car. The first question now. Here an explanation of how the locking system works on the mk7 mk7.5 fiestas. If you look at your key you have the 3 buttons unlock, lock and boot. First the unlock this has two settings on it that you can set. Either all doors unlocked or just drivers door to this stand outside the car and press the lock and unlock together this will activate just the unlock of the drivers door. In this mode you then have to press the unlock button twice within 30seconds to unlock all doors. Do the reverse and this will activate all doors unlocked with one press of the unlock button. Now the lock button. If you press the lock button once this locks the car and sets the alarm and immobiliser but no flash of the indicators. If you press the lock button twice in 30seconds this locks then deadlocks the car sets the alarm and immobiliser and the indicator flashes to tell you you car fully locked the car down. The reason it's like this is because if someone is in the car while you pop into the shop you should only press it once so they can still get out of the car in an emergency. As if it is deadlocked the car will not open at all unless the unlock button is pressed. Now the boot button. So you come out of a shop and need to put some bags in the car. You press the boot button twice which unlocks the boot only the rest of the doors stay locked. You put your bags in close the boot the boot locks and all other doors have stayed locked so you can walk away and carry on shopping without having to press the lock button to lock the car again or open all the doors just to get into your boot.

Hope this explains it for you Thestarkfactor.

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Sorry forgot to put in you should hold the lock and unlock buttons down until the indicators flash to activate the drivers door unlock only. Then the same again for all doors unlock.

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