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Serious Ford Wheel Guru's Some wheel info needed Please

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Hi all I need some help identifying some ford steel wheels please from someone who truely knows some obscure things about ford wheels lol. Basically i need some very specific steel wheels namely a set of 15"x6" steels with an ET38 offset 4x108 stud patern. After some investigating it seems that these are either focus or mondeo wheels but i'm having trouble getting any more specific details. I work for vauxhall ( :blink: I know) and all our steels are marked with the offset on the wheel centres but none of the ford ones i've looked at are.

Does anyone know of any identifying marks on ford steel wheels and even more helpful would be an explaination of how to decode these markings or which particular marking is from the wheels i'm after?

Any info gratfully received, cheers. Chris

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Hi chris, I have a techinal book on fords somewhere which should have all the info you need. The one all the ford techs get, you'll probably have a similar thing foe vauxhalls?

Anyway I'll have a rake for it and let you know...

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Not had a chance to have a good look for that book yet.

I can confirm though that 15 by 6 steel wheels were fitted to the following models;

Focus mk1 with either 195/55/15 or 195/60/15 tyres

Focus mk2 petrol with 195/65/15 tyres

Escort (latest model) with 195/50/15 tyres

Mondeo (up to 2000) with either 195/60/15 or 205/55/15 tyres

There may be others but these will be the most common. As far as am aware all of these on the list are the same fitment although what that fitment is... :blink:

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