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Return Fuel Pipe For Mark 5 2001 Fiesta

Sunseeker Pauline

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Hi there,

The fuel pump has failed in my 2001 Fiesta Ghia. This happened the week before Christmas. It is currently with our mechanic who is brilliant In my view. However, it would appear that Ford have no return fuel pipes in the country (Part number 1112482). Their system seems ludicrous and a new part had been promised on 'back order' and twice now the promised dates have been and gone with nothing arriving. It now appears that there are no guarantees that they are even produced now. It would seem that there is no way to simply pick up a phone to enquire whether this part will ever be produced or not but we just have to wait and see!! I have spent most of the day on the phone to my Ford dealer trying to sort the problem out as this is now 5 weeks. Meanwhile my poor little car is languishing at the back of a garage. We are aware that a solution is to re-mould a roll of plastic fuel line and attach high pressure valve(s) to it but my mechanic is loathe to do this. Any suggestions would be very welcome please. Apologies for my non technical explanations. Would anyone have this part in stock please?

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