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Ford Radio - V


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I changed the battery on my 08 Ford Fiesta and thus the radio needs the code.

I checked my service book and found the radio code but it looks like a doctor has written this, basically unreadable. I've tried several codes and locked my radio out for 30 minutes at a time.

I've managed to get the serial number but it is a V code. I understand from reading around that this is a cost code. I spoke to my local ford garage and they said they would charge me £20 for this, something I am reluctant to pay as I can't even read the code the engineer has put in the book.

Any ideas?

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Hi Guys,


Codes I can think of:

3210 - Not this one.






The others I may have tried, but I get one chance then I have to drive or leave car on for 30 minutes, it's a bit of a joke at the minute. Image is here: http://postimg.org/image/tfhgaxe4d/


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I can't fully remember. I got so angry at the process of it all lol.

And Dinnages won't do anything apart from charge me £20, but I might drive down there and show them the card and ask them how they expect me to work it out.

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looks like 7219 to me, otherwise I would try 3219.

I would personally take that back to the dealer, and track down who wrote the thing and raise a complaint. Looks to me like they have done it deliberately to earn a few extra quid when you lock your radio out (with a bit of gut sucking) "oh sir, your going to need a new radio, that will be.... well, lets just say, you might as well part ex the car - we have a lovely model here...."

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Actually if they insist you still pay, I would send the details onto Ford Head Office, with a picture of the card. If anything, they may well agree with "HTF are you expected to read that?" in which case, they might provide you the code, or give these guys such a kick in the cahoonas, they will be begging you to take the code printed out on 4 seperate pieces of paper!

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7218 to me.

but as already mentioned.id be down there like a shot,waiting for when its really BUSY and vent my spleen if they still refuse to help foc.

im sure they have them on there system anyway,its just a case of typing in the details and up it comes on there computer.

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I would say thats definately 7210 - try pretending to write it, and you'll find the zero sort of feels in the same style as the others - so if it is, maybe theres something else going on

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This topic really set things on fire.

One thing to keep in mind guys is that with each try he has to wait 30 mins to try again :/

It's really !Removed! something like this happening due to negligence from the engineering department

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