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Go To Check Sidelight... Few Cracks And Splits... Need A New Headlight And Washer Hose!


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Hi All,

Noticed my drivers side sidelight was off last week and decided to have a look at it on the weekend. Took it out put it back in, worked fine. What's the problem? I left the whole headlight unit on my engine to get the screwdriver.. Next thing you know a gale force wind blows it off (It wasn't even windy?!?)

I pick it up, everything looks fine until I go to screw it in again.. (I found the other half and put it back)


Oh well, that's fine at least it still works, turn the lights on, indicators yupp, full beam. No.. Great my bulb is smashed, swap a working one in, still doesn't work. and on closer inspection, my whole driver side headlight is dipped.

Quite hard to see but this is the passengers side


And this is now the drivers side, you can see a gap,


Can't get a picture of the light spread but it is noticeable, I've tried finding out why it does this, and found the culprit. There is some sort of bolt joined at this part, connected to the whole assembly that keeps it straight I guess, this is now just rattling around inside.


So i've got to buy another headlight I suppose, lesson learned.

Driving home, through the wet country roads and dirt always gets on the windscreen, go to wash it off and nothing happens.. use the back washer and it floods out as usual. I can still hear the motor going.. Wtf?

Go and check and after removing my over headlight to check the connections I see this..


(It was originally all secured in place)

So i've had to take out the rivets that keep this in place and just shorten the cable for now so it still works and I can actually see out of my windscreen.


I can only think that when the bonnet was put back down it cut the hose going around the near side bonnet strut in half, but it didn't touch this side of the car at all and it was all securely in place? How could this have happened?

Either way, if any of you are selling a MK7 Washer hose/part hose and a driver side headlight unit (with projectors) let me know and I will gladly buy them off you!

I've already looked around a few breakers near me and they don't have anything, if you spot a good deal on eBay or know of somewhere to get these parts, let me know as it will be greatly appreciated!

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