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Bike Rack On A Fiesta (Current Gen)


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Just planning ahead for getting my Red Edition next month and although it's not the ideal car for it, I want to be able to carry my bike on it somehow.

Not keen on dropping the seats in jamming it in the back seats (it's a lease and I'm not light handed), and the Mrs might come along sometimes as well. Also not really keen on sticking it on the roof although frankly that is entirely based off it looking weird and thinking it will kill aero (yes I know absolute rubbish) or fall off (again I know it probably has no basis in fact).

Just thought I'd ask if anyone else has experience with Bike Racks basically on their Fiestas to avoid the minefield or buying something potentially not upto snuff.

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I've used a rack similar to the one in the link below on my wife's new zetec dozens of times.

I've covered 100's of miles with 2 bikes on it with no trouble, & I've had no issue fitting it regarding the 'spoiler' on the Zetec, or my old Zetec S.

The only thing you might want to do to be 'fully' legal is get a light board & number plate as the bikes can obscure the cars rear lights & number plate, although most people don't seem to bother & don't appear to get hassle from the old bill either......you makes your choice :)


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