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Poorly mk4 fiesta - 1st thread, please help

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hi guys, need a little help with my mk4 fiesta:

the starter motor went, so i replaced it, but now the battery light is on all the while...

the wires were replaced like for like, so i know they are ok, but at rest, the multimeter only shows 12.412.7v, not the 13.7-14.2v i've been told it should.

ive been told it may be a dead alternator cos of the lack of a voltage increase with the engine on - it drops to 11.6-11.79v.

any ideas peeps?


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if all the connections are good and sound you should be getting around 13.8 volts at the battery with all the ancillaries switched on (lights,heater ect) if not it does sound like a dead alternator, was it new or secondhand?

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My Bet is a dead alternator. Quite likely if it the original one (it will be getting old by now). Get a reconditioned one on an exchange basis from Specialist in alternator and starters. Should cost no more than £80. At least you'll be sure to have a strong charge going back into the battery.

Rob. (yes I am Rob too :))

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thanks guys...

it gets better....

I just changedthe alternator today (not as hard as i thought itwould be...) butthe battery light is still on!!

full story- starter motor went,changed it and the battery light came on.changed the alternator, still thelight is on, and my battery is reading 12.01 volts whenthe engine runs, 12.11 when its off.

did i put the starter motor wires in the wrong place? i didnt think i could...


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hi guys,

it transpired the relay had gone - whod have thought...

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help so far, I'm gonna recommend this ford forum to all and sundry, you're all great!!



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