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hi new member

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ive just brought a 2005 2L tdci mondeo on thursday, nice car tbh.

i run a couple of cossie mercs and needed a car for towing that was economical.

ive got a couple of questions and your help would be much apreciated

how often do you change the timing belt (assume its a belt and not chain)?

how often do you change the glow plugs?

anything that should be changed on top of the ford schedule?

is there an online comprehensive parts diagram site for a mondeo?

where is the best online site to get ford parts?

is it worth getting the car chiped?

many thanks in advance

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all tdci mk3 mondys are chain driven so no problem unless it starts to rattle like hell but never come across this, glow plugs are usually changed when you have to and not on a regular basis. ive not come across a parts diagrame site as yet but the best site i have found for parts is http://www.fordpartsuk.com/ as for the tuning a lot of people go for the plug in typt box which just fool the ecu into adding more fuel, which could have a long term bad effect on the fuel rail and injectors due to the higher running pressure. personally i would go for a proper remap. another weak point is the dmf but more on the earlier cars than the later models.and finally they tend to eat front tyres if the tracking or pressures are not spot on.

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