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Mk7.5 Zetec S Badge / Upgrades


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Morning all, I've got two quick (and stupid) questions - I've had my MK7.5 Zetec S for a few days now and wondered:

1. Is the trim badged or debadged by default? I've seen Zetecs that are badged on other MK7.5s but my Zetec S is unbadged atm - is that normal for this trim?

2. What sort of entry/basic upgrades are recommended?



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I'm sure the badging is dealer specific. Some dealers put it on, some don't bother unfortunately.

As for the entry/basic upgrades, people usually go for the lights at first. Easy to do and cheap. The projects page should lend some ideas :)

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The new ecoboost Zetec S doesn't get any badging unlike the prefacelift which had the S badge.

You can get a stick on S badge for the back and a bolt on S badge for the front grill.

Easy mods that most do are brighter/whiter headlamp bulbs, LEDS for the number plate lamps and interior lighting, wind deflectors, different colour ford badges, short aerial, most of those are fairly cheap.

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Appreciate the replies :)

Ah, ok, didn't realise the new facelift didn't get badged. May get a metal badge to stick on to the front grill just to give it at least something to show what trim it is.

Will check out the projects page as well, appreciate the tips :)

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