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Wing Mirror ....question After Boo Boo


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Right guys al get straight to point
does the mirror from zetec s, zetec or other models without heated glass fit and work with heated glass wing mirror on titaniums?

Reason i ask as i made a boo boo on way in driveway from a motorist which was pushing up too fast now i usually take my time but this time fecked it ............not a happy bunny with myself to be honest .... anyway driver wing mirror is broken but the case isnt its actually fine just needs a wee repaint so not so bad

but was wondering if titanium has different wing mirror glass than the Zs or etc or are they all fine?
next question how to put on? lol feel free to crack a joke

First one ........ father says all the time when i crash i will crash bad or end up dead
first thing i said was after this happend ............ thats big crash over with now am gonna drive ok without a bad omen no more

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