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Locking Car Without Alarm On?


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Is it possible to lock the Focus Mk2 titanium (56 plate) without the car alarm activating?

I assumed that if i lock the car by pressing the lock button once or by manually locking using the door. that the alarm would not activate.

However, dead locking, single locking, or manual locking all activate my alarm, i noticed when i went to the store, put my baby puppy in the car came back the alarm was going off, i can't even leave the door unlocked (Last resort) since the car auto locks itself (Which is good for safety)

Is there a way to make the car alarm not activate when i Single lock the car, and the alarm come on when i dead lock?



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On the Mk3 a single lock press on the fob doesnt arm the interior sensor, or you can go into the dashboard menu and selct to not activate the sensors for that lock cycle. I have mine set to prompt me each time I leave the car as I have 4 dogs (sensors go on if you dont press ok as you get out)#

Works well for me, hope yours is similar


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Ford alarms (on upmarket models with volumetric alarm sensors):

Single press on fob locks and arms the alarms ... Double press on fob deadlocks in addition... (so anyone locked inside can't get out by pulling the internal handles!!!!)

madmole's suggestion is the way... Via the menus ... <set reduced alarm (or similar wording)>

I also have it set to ask on exit... a quick <OK> on the steering wheel then disables the internal ultrasonic volumetric sensors for when the dog is in the car... no press, then they are armed as well!

It is covered in the manuals, of course ;)

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Thanks for the replys! Been looking at the menu and that button today

(I've recently found the manual for the car too boot as Rod_Foc said that information was in the manual (Apparently doesn't disable the sensors,if i put the window down though according to the book)

I've pressed the button on the door a few times to see what it does but i honestly thought it just was a feature that wasn't installed ><! (I feel so dumb now..)

So i'm now looking inside the menu as well as locking my fiance inside the car to test the button and fob things ^^

thank you all greatly, hopefully my dog can rest in the car better.

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Hi, I have tried locking with the internal sensor disabled via steering wheel, also by locking via the door, and either way the alarm goes off. Have had to resort to leaving car unlocked, which isn't good in insurance terms. Can anyone advise?

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Actually believe the prob due to boot switch, less problematic in winter than summer - is there a way to adjust this or short cct to rid problem? Cheers ....

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