Mondeo Mk3 Central Locking Issues

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Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Ian and I've recently treat me & the Mrs to a couple of new cars - got her a 2002 Mondeo TDCI Estate and a Focus ST for me!

The problem I have with the Mondeo is what I've seen fairly common in one way or another - but what's happening is that when opening the car with the remote, all doors unlock EXCEPT the drivers door. All doors open when using the key, but when using the fob the drivers door remains locked.

Is this just a problem with the module, or is it something else?

Thank's for any help, I have had a bit of a search around but I couldn't see the exact same problem so I thought I'd better ask!

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They should all open on the fob, I suspect if drivers door stays shut , there is a problem with the switch on that door.

My Mondeo is 2002 and all doors open on the fob.

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