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Mirror Camera - Any Good?


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Does anyone have any experience with mirror dash cams?

Somethinh similar to http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-3-HD-1080P-LCD-Lens-Car-Vehicle-Rear-View-Mirror-Dashcam-DVR-Video-Recorder-/390866350808

The reason I am asking is that I'd like to fit the camera permanently in the car and not to worry that some son of a birch will decide to nick it.

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Same as your link.

Great :)

Then I've got another question to you - on my link the camera is on left-hand side of the mirror (when mounted).

Did you have any problems with it? I've seen some reports (I think it was on Techmoan) that if camera is on left-hand side then it is useless for UK cars.

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It can take a bit of fiddling to get it to point straight ahead but once set it's fine.

There are ones available with the camera sticking out of the bottom.

I'll link one so you can see it.

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Exactly right.

At the moment I manually plug the charger cable into a lighter socket to activate the camera and recording but do plan to fit a spare 12v supply rigged to an ignition live supply so the camera will come on when the key is turned.

I actually like the fact that the mirror is wider than a standard one which means a better rear view with a reduced blind spot.

As said earlier sometimes the camera seems a bit off to one side due to lens pan restrictions because of the lens surround but as the picture is plenty wide enough to catch a pavement and at least 2 traffic lanes it's not a big thing for me.

Tbh, it's great for peace of mind.

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Good :) Now I am convinced. I think I've seen on eBay a mirror similar to yours but with camera on the other side.

It would also be great if the mirror had AV input so can be doubles as rear view camera monitor when needed. I am sure models like this exist too :)

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Got mirror camera today. The initial impression is, well, mixed.

The English (or shall I say Chinglish) is atrocious to say the least. The menus are clearly google-translated and not necessarily mean what it supposed to mean.

The image is good though but there are some stupid things like a music played each time I turn ignition on and off.

Just an example of the language they use - here is what sticker on mirror says:

Produduct Name: GPS Portable Navigator

WarnIng: Do not exposure, hit, wate or In order to avoid the made damage do not open the machine cover please, contact witn customer service if there have other questions

And the box has Intel Core i5 and ATI Radeon logos. WTF?

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