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Diesel Like Misfiring?


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I have a 2003 1.4 TDCI Fiesta.

I've not long had the car, I previously had a problem with the car where as I accelerate moderately, the power would suddenly disappear then come back, as advised, changed fuel filter, problem seems to have went.

Now this morning and the morning before, I started the car to go to work (started fine), drove it for about 30-60seconds and then it started misfiring so to speak and the engine was juddering like mad, I pressed the clutch pedal and the juddering continued, I rev'd the engine a little and proceeded to work in hope it clears, after 30seconds, the juddering had stopped. After that it all seemed as normal.

However, it has done this once before shortly after leaving work (3mins down the road) it had done the same thing, which is before I changed the fuel filter, so I don't think its the fuel filter sucking air or anything like that.

First thing I suppose would be to check glowplugs (would faulty glowplugs cause this sort of behavior?)

But what could I try after that? (most likely first)

Any help would be appreciated,


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worth mentioning, on the way home from work earlier when engine was warm, the car lost power for a split second then came back when driving about 40mph, it started up fine beforehand...

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