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Possibilities With A Fiesta Mk7 Zetec??


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Hey guys!


Completely new to all of this to be honest.

I recently bought a 62 plate Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec which firstly i believe makes it a mk7, is that correct or is at an mk6?

Anyway i am well aware the car will never be the fastest car in the world however i am loving how it is to drive and want to get some modifications done to at least make it a bit sportier.

I have plenty planned for the interior and i am happy with the exterior styling of the car however my question is this: what can i do to the car to increase its performance?

I am looking to make it sportier, louder and faster. Budget isnt an issue as it will be done over time.

What can you guys think of?

Thanks in advance!


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No idea tbh, I wanted better than the 82ps delivered by my old car, so I bought a new one :lol:, that really doesn't help I know, have you considered a remap if it's possible (I'm sure someone on here will say if it is or not), regarding meaner and more sporty looking, it'll be the usual change / spray alloys, upgrade exhaust system, etc, again I'm sure you'd get better answers than those from me

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