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Ecosport Coil Pack


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I'm in Brazil and I have a 2011 Ecosport, I believe the same base as a Fiesta.

Last week I had a multiple misfire, cyls 2&3, told I needed a new coil pack. Had it replaced, car ran great for 2 days.

The same problem has returned. The mechanic says I should of also changed the plugs and wires as well. He never said that at the time. He now says I need another new coil pack as well as plugs and wires.

Is this correct?

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Could well be right, as faulty /worn plugs causes the coil pack to overload and fail.

they should have looked at plugs etc before fitting coil pack, so they should not ask you to pay for another coil pack.

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Thanks Ian,

do you think just changing the plugs and wires will be ok or has the damage been done to the coil pack and that needs to be changed as well

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