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Armor All Shield Wax.


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(£10 ish from amazon. £18.99 Halfords)

Read numerous reviews about this stuff and Autoexpress recommend it so decided to give it a go.

The price is excellent too considering you get a handy applicator pad and microfibre cloth in the box.

The product itself is quite thin so can get in those little seams so be careful. It applies easily and you just add a cap size amount to the pad and wipe it on, no need for rubbing or circular motions, then wipe it off immediately with the microfibre cloth.

As easy as that. It's by far the easiest wax I've used and little effort was needed. Did my Focus in 15 minutes.

As for the result I'll have to wait until it rains but reviews say it's as good as any wax they've used and Armor All claim each wash re-activates the shine and protection up to 10 times. As I said, I'll have to wait and see.

Again, this is really easy stuff to use, smells decent and comes with the equipment. Nice!

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When I got my Focus (first decent car) I went out and bought a shed load of stuff for it,

I bought this stuff for the waxing, not having anything to compare it to as I never waxed the Escort, I was very happy with it.

As said it's very easy to use, and the blue of my car really popped with a lovely shine,

An ex-workmate had a standard diesel Focus in the exact same colour as mine and he came by work,

I'd recently Clayed and Armour Shielded mine and it looked a million times better than his.

So far I've only waxed it every 6 months,

You really notice the water beading effect on a clean car, but that wears off with either the dirt build up or constant rain,

I'm not sure whether the stated '10 washes' is for dry US States where it never rains.

I'm assuming the minor scratches that rub out are due to the Armour All Shield Wax, so I'll keep using this stuff.

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It's been over two weeks since I applied this wax and it's still effective. The water is just beading away. I must say I'm impressed.

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