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This Guy Did Nothing Wrong Per Se But...

The Dark Knight

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Copied from video description: As per the title, nothing wrong as such but if you consider how much further away dash cams make things look, notice how the BMW kept coming at reasonable speed and from behind the wheel it was very disconcerting. He must have thought that he had judged his speed perfectly to pass over the roundabout as my car had just cleared. However, if I had needed to brake for kids or someone stepping out into the road without looking (it has happened right on the roundabout as daft as that sounds), he would have run into me. I duly let him know my thoughts lol. Would it have hurt him to slow down some more? - Footage from Roadhawk DC-2.

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No need for the ? if you actually read the description. Just because he did nothing wrong per se does not make it safe as per what I highlighted.

If you were in the car you would not question. Very disconcerting when he continues to bear down on you when you are still on the roundabout

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