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Vibration Through Steering When Braking Between 50 And 35Mph


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Hi All,

My partner as a 2010 Fiesta Zetec and about 12 months she hit a kerb at quite high speed and damaged the front left wheel. We replaced the wheel due to the damage and were surprised to find the car still drove straight and true, no apparent tracking issues etc..However, about 6 months ago we started to notice quite a bad vibration through the steering wheel when braking between 50 and 35mph. After advice we changed the brake discs and pads (used Mintex parts) and that seemed to sort the issue, however, a few months later the vibration has returned. I have never had brake discs warp on any of my cars in the past so am surprised we may have had 2 sets do this and I therefore wonder if something else has been damaged during the original kerbing incident that has caused these issues to surface? I don't really want to replace yet another set of discs / pads only for the issue to return again in a few months as we haven't fixed the root cause of the issue. Just really looking on suggestions on what else may be wrong / needs to be checked? I must stress, the vibration only occurs during braking, the car drives perfectly (no pulling to one side so tracking seems fine and we had the wheels rebalanced already) with no vibration at all speeds when not braking.

Thank you all in advance.


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Yeh, just spoke to a more mechanically minded (than me!) mate of mine and he also thinks it is discs again, also said possibly suspension bushes but his money is just being unlucky with the 2nd set of discs.

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