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Hi All,

Name is Mark, I traded in my Nissan juke tekna ( which was a piece of Sh*&^% te really was cheaply made and no sound proofing and a very very very stiff and bumpy ride ) for a ford fiesta mk8 titanium in frozen white with the convenience pack,on a 64 plate, only 1300 miles on clock and still has that new smell.... couldn't be happier with car , drives like a car should , great materials used and very nice and quite ride.

Now im going to be adding some mods , first I have changed all the internal lights to leds .

I have also added some gel overlays in white with blue fonts to front, rear and all 4 wheel centre caps.

next week I plan to lower the car 35mm front and rear and also fit a roof spoiler instead of the one that comes with the car......this leads on to my next question.

Does a mk 7 roof spoiler fit on a mk 7.5 , or mk8 I have found one in frozen white, mint condition £120 but as I say its a mk7 one

I have done what research I can and looking as best I can at photos online the fixings look the same .

Are they?

Help !! don't fancy having to fork out £205 for a new one and then £100 odd to have it sprayed.

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Anything from the windscreen back will fit from a mk7... yours is a mk7.5 really irritates me people calling them mk8 and people calling the old fiesta facelift a mk7 as when your on eBay the amount of crap you trawl through from people not knowing what car they've got...

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