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High Octane Fuel During Running-In


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I am about to take delivery of my Titanium Powershift and as 95 octane is quoted in the handbook as the minimum fuel requirement I was wondering if using high octane petrol would be beneficial during the break in period while the engine is tight. I am having friends staying soon, so for a week I will be driving around with a full load of people which will put an additional load on the engine. That is why I thought high octane could be helpful.

Normally I intend to run on standard 95 octane as I went through a stage of using high octane in my last car (Honda Jazz) and although the engine ran smoother it wasn't any more powerful or economical.

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I actually always run on V-power 98 octane, not because of the octane level as that in itself does little to no good, but because of the cleaning additives.

The alternative is of course to run some bell aid through it every now and then, so I suppose it's largely a matter of taste.

Furthermore I change the oil and oil filter after around 700-1000 miles of running in, to get rid of any metal splinters in the oil. Again many will say it does nothing, but then again some says it does, so I do it just to be sure.

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i run higher octane Shell fuel when their lego promo is running. with my old car (203k mileage ex taxi peugeot 407 2.0 diesel) i didn't notice the engine running smoother.

i also couldn't hear the turbo spooling and it could hardly make it up hills. i just really wanted that lego...

don't judge me

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