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Proper Way To Use Tar Remover ?


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I've got a lot of tar spots on my 2yrs old ZS and bought some tar remover on a spray can.

However in the instructions on it, it says to:

- Wash the car using their soap (obviously to sell more)

- Spray on the tar remover and let it work for some minutes (can't recall how many)

- Wax the car using their wax - this one is my problem, I can't figure out if it's just to sell more of their stuff, or if the tar remover actually harms the paint enough to need wax right after.

So does anyone know if tar remover is harsh on the paint ?

I haven't dared to use it yet since I'm completely in the dark as to how to wax a car :rolleyes:

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The tar remover will remove any existing wax, the idea is to remove the tar spots and other contaminates (fallout remover, clay bar etc) polish the car then wax it.

If it justs a couple of spots though it should be ok to put some on a microfibre and wipe them off.

I've just spent the afternoon going over my daughters car, Polish and wax tomorrow.

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Tar remover is a waste of time ,Ok it`s quick in a spray bottle to do a wide area but its harsh .

Much better and cheaper to use house hold stuff.

Rob a bit of the misses babyoil and dab on a cloth this will remove tar ,as will olive oil ,also very small areas the peel of an orange (the juice that yuor fingers when peeling it ).

One tar spots removed just was down area again with your normal car shampoo to remove all residues then wax as normal

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