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Engine Dress Up Kits


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Looking about the net and see all sorts of engine dress up kits with hoses etc and look good but never put any on before or even used anything like that so a first for everything but anyone had any experience and where to buy? And what to buy lol

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Apart from proper hoses, most dress up kits are different sized flexible conduit that has a split along its length. Cut it to length, slip it into the hoses, cables etc and secure with cabe ties.

Like this


Different colours avaiable, then it's upto you how much you put on.

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thanks for the fast reply mark! and car looks AWSOME! love the hoses you did a great job! how many kits did you need for all that?
and (just a daft question)
how come you took off the hood cover thingy?

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I did the full engine bay on my Fiesta mk6 and half of a friend's with one kit! Cars a wreck now like so haven't got any pictures under the bonnet :(

Definately improves the look and tidyness though!

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