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Fiesta Mk5 Rev Counter


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This is my first post onto this thread and im fairly new to working on this sort of stuff within cars. When it cimes to LED's and that im okay with it all but this has thrown me in the deep end. My current clocks show;

1. Speedometer

2. Fuel

3. oil Temperature

4. Which door is open

If i was to purchase new clocks that had all of the above apart from the door section and this was to be replaced by the rev counter how would i wire the rev counter up? I dont know if it would be as simple as simply unplugging the current clocks and plugging them back in, or will i have to wire it myself?

Thanks in advance and nice to speak to you all,


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The connector for all clusters are the same.

The tachometer is fed from the ECU to pin 21 of the cluster connector (White/Black) so you will need to make sure the wire has been fitted.

There is no mention of having to reconfigure the cluster using WDS so looks like it should work without reconfiguring or pairing the cluster to the ECU.

The cluster does store the odometer information so a different cluster will show the mileage of the vehicle it was taken from.


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