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Mods That Shouldn't Kill The Warranty

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this is more planning for the future, but what are safe mods i can do to the fiesta that shouldn't void the warranty? it's a stock zetec 15 with the 100ps engine - i was thinking of lowering it and adding wheel spacers. keeping the stock 15 inch wheels or maybe going for slightly wider 15 inch rims (i don't know why the 15 inch rims have grown on me)

i won't touch the engine software - the engine is about as much as i can handle right now

i just don't want to do anything that'll make ford rip up the warranty sheet and throw it in my face.

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The parts you fit will only affect that part of the warranty or ifvthey can proved it caused some other part to fail.

Springs and spacers for example could effect the wheel bearings.

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I have a meaty twin-tail exhaust system fitted...

When I took it in for the service a few weeks ago (I made them aware of some warranty related issues). Sadly they couldn't rectify these during the service, and I am taking it back in on the 31st March. Also my warranty issues aren't exhaust related, they didn't question the fact that I have added that modification on. In fact they praised me on how great the car looked! But these warranty repairs will be carried out under warranty - with modifications.

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