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First & Second Attempt At Detailing


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Managed to get in my spring detail, my first time using a dual action polisher, first clayed the whole car then tried to remove the swirls but didn’t have much luck was using Meguiars compound back to the drawing board on that one, After my attempt to remove the swirls I polished and waxed the car and what a difference it made. I did clay and wax it before the winter and thought it looked good but now it looks even better. Unfortunately only got one picture no idea why I didn’t take more but managed to find a before picture that was taken a few days before I detailed it. Also did a friend of my dad’s car after he seen what my car looked like my dad’s friend is a taxi driver and by the feel of it the car had never been clayed had sore arms afterward. Attached a picture of what that looked like before and after all I did was clay, polish and wax it. Was still to wash the wheels in the after picture of the insignia so don’t worry they were cleaned.

The products I used were -

G3 clay Mitt

Meguiars Compound

Meguairs Ultimate Polish

Mer's Deep Gloss Wax

Fiesta Before :


Fiesta After :


Insigna Before:


Insigna After:


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