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Fiesta Red Drivers Seat


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Hi all

Don't know whether I am being too picky or not.

Over the last week or so the drivers seat in my new Red has started to have a little 'give' in it.

What I mean is that the backrest moves backwards and forwards a little. This means when you come to a stop it will shift forward slightly and then back. As you can imagine this is a bit annoying on a day to day basis.

Anyone else had any issues like this or have a quick fix?

Tried to book it in at the local stealer but they didn't have any spaces for at least two weeks, even though they said it would only need an hour. I said I could leave them with the car for a full week and they could have fitted it in whenever they could, still no dice.

The general opinion I got on here about ford after sales seems to have been confirmed!

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Only had the car 4 weeks but the problem definitely wasn't there when I first got it. I am not so heavy to put undue wear on the seat (don't think!) so must be something to do with a fault with the mechanism.

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