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2001 Zetec-S 1.6 Tune Up....


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Hey Guys,
Had my 2001 Fiesta Zetec-s 1.6v for a while now only 92k on the clock!

Looking to give it a spruce up.

Any hints or tips for turbos, re-mapping, new air filters, exhaust manifolds?

Anythings would be helpful thanks..

Such great car and still runs fantastic being 14years old!!

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Cracking cars to !Removed! about it, but really depends on your budget and what you really want to achieve.

Best thing you can really do for the fiesta is:

A full service.
Very good tyres.
Fiesta ST 280mm front brakes.

Braided brake hoses.
Coilovers (depending on budget and your use, APs are a good starting point and seem to last a long time)
Poly bushes
Full exhaust system (off the shelf full exhausts of Milltek and Piper are the norm, but you can mix and match to make lots fit.
Front lower strut brace.
Panel filter.

Stripping out the top spec 976kg fiesta (aircon model) can easily see 100kg removed. Get a grinder and you can reduce than down another 50kg ish

If youre then wanting to spend properly on it:

Puma/Fiesta ST/Mondeo 2.0 Zetec E engines.

Puma can be fitted, serviced and pump/belts changed for less than £500 and done in less than 2 days easily. Fiesta St and mondeo are considerably more including custom mounts, potentially driveshafts and bay changes.

Then theirs cams and a remap (shawspeed, lightning motorsport are widely used) and mapping. £800 ish...

Inlets, further higher profile cams etc £1000+

As for turbos, Lightning motorsport do a turbo kit and fitting for the 1.6 and 1.7 but smaller zetecs arent known for their longevity after fitting turbos. As far as I know, no one makes an off the shelf kit for them anymore.

If you want the turbo route then either a mk1 Focus RS engine as a whole or 2.0 Zetec E turbo are the way to go.

So ultimately, depends on your budget, what you want the car to do and how long you mind the car being off the road.

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