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Where Is Idle Air Control (Iac) Valve??


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Hi everyone, my first post so I'd be grateful for any advice - I have searched throughout this forum for several hours now but haven't found anything that shows exactly what I need.

My 2003 1.25 fiesta has been a poor starter for a while now, requiring higher than normal revs for a few seconds or it would just cut out - cold weather I thought. However, for the last couple of weeks I have had to drive the car round the block before the car would idle properly and not cut out.

Having read a few postings on here and talked to a couple of lads at work who own Fords I'm thinking that the IAC valve may be sticking and could be in need of a clean.

Has anyone an idea where I might find this on my car. I've looked all around under the bonnet but cannot find anything that looks like the part I have seen on eBay. A photo with an arrow pointing it out would be brilliant.

Many Thanks in Advance.

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