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Fitting A2Dp/bt Audio/usb - Mk7 With Bt Vc Only - Pointers Appreciated


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I've got a 2009 Fiesta Titanium, which was factory fitted with BT voice control -- but it was the older bluetooth module (8M5T-19G488-AM), that doesn't support A2DP (bluetooth audio). After some reading I've found any module 8M5T-19C112-AM or later (e.g. AM,AN,<etc>) should support this -- and as an added bonus, USB support too.

I've got ahold of a 8M5T-19C112-AN and fitted it. It's working fine for all the old functions, but new ones -- not so much:

  • Voice control lists USB,iPod, bluetooth audio as an option in "External device", but says "Not possible" when selected
  • AUX menu doesn't show USB/iPod/Bluetooth Device

I've read around that I need the dealer to update the below params with the IDS. Question for anyone who's done this before --- is this right, and am I missing anything else they'll need to do? Pointers would be much appreciated -- the dealer isn't very happy to play with parameters without having a reasonable idea that it'll work.

IDS Params:

  • Voice Control: Select Basic Voice Recognition
  • Accessory USB Unit: Select With USB and iPod Function
  • Bluetooth handsfree: Select BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connection

Possibly required:

  • Update stereo, "audio module","speech recognition module", and "display module" if necessary
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