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Time For A New Car - Fiesta Titanium X With Upgrades


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Hi all

I have recently been thinking about getting a new Titanium X Fiesta to replace the 2010 Titanium I have at the moment.

After looking at specs and configuring cars via the Ford website, I still don't know whether to pull the trigger or stick with what I have.

Current Car; 2010 Fiesta Titanium Individual in Panther Black. Has only 14500 miles on the clock. No issues whatsoever with the car.Having spoken to a dealer, they offered £6500 for my current car which I think is rather low based on the mileage. Having a look on autotrader, most cars of that age and mileage go for about £7500-8000.

Future Car; New Fiesta Titanium X with, full leather, Sony Navigation, Panther Black, Full size spare wheel, 17" 8 spoke alloys.

The cheapest I could get was via a company who provides discounted cars for NHS employees, £14750 but will be initially registered with them and then transferred to my name after a day.

Do you think the prices on the part ex and new car is good or can I squeeze a better deal from another dealer direct? Any other suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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Have a look at orangewheels or similar

Yes, also CarWow and Drive The Deal are two popular sites where you should be able to find a good deal. Then you can use these figures to try and get a lower price from your local dealers, or do what I did and travel further for a better deal.

As for selling your car, you might struggle to get a good price going by my experience a year ago. Before I put my last Fiesta up for sale I paid for a Glasses Guide valuation which which came out at about £6,900 (private sale price), but I couldn't sell it privately in the time I had so ended up selling it to We Buy Any Car. After they knocked off about £90 for a few stone chips on the bumper, and their other fees I only got about £5,750 for it. Although someone did call me after I had sold it, and said they would have paid £6k for it, but that was the only reasonable offer I got after trying to sell it privately for weeks.

I'd say if you're going to try to sell it privately, get a Glasses valuation and knock about £500 off it, then use that as your starting price.

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Managed to sell mine for £7300. Had to drop a couple of £100 due to negotiation, but happy with the price.

Thanks for your help guys.

Good job getting that price, I'm sure the low mileage helped. Was that sold privately?

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