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Noise From Suspension.


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Hi guys, I am new to FOC so apologies in advance. I am a newbie to all of this so was looking for some advice?

In October 2014 I bought a 14 plate fiesta zetec 1.0 Ecoboost 100 5 door in deep impact blue with 2000 miles otc. As a novice I am unsure as to what mk it is, could somebody advise me? Absolutely love the car especially the way it looks and the colour.

Everything was perfect until the turn of the year when a noise started to appear from what sounds like the front suspension. The noise sounds as though something is loose and rattling around and only appears going over speed bumps or sharp raises and dips in the road. When driving down the road it is fine. I will try and include video.

I have since taken it back to the dealership for them to take a look at it. The technicians couldn't hear any noise so asked me to drive them out in it. So I did and demonstrated the noise for him. Although the lad was around 19/20 he heard the noise but said that he hasn't heard anything like that before.

He said they'd had the car up on the ramp and had checked all the suspension components on the front wheels, the wheels and brakes themselves and said it was structurally sound, everything was tight and like new. The young lad only suggested that a master technician take a look at it other than that they were stumped.

A couple of months have past and the noise has gradually worsened becoming louder. I'm thinking of taking it back in to be looked at.

I was curious to see if anybody else has had a similar issue?


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Hi had the same problem as you i took it in ford garage and told me that front bushes on the front top mont had gone its been ok since good luck with yours

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