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Cleaning New Car.


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Hello, I have had my car about 2 weeks now and I've had it washed twice do far but now I want to polish/wax it as well. I have got some Autoglym Super Resin Polish and also Armor All Shield Wax, my question being is is it ok to polish then but the armor all on top and if so is there any special techniques? Also the Autoglym is prone to leaving white marks on plastics is there any way of stopping this? Finally how on earth do you post from the app????

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Yes, you put the wax on after the polish.

To stop getting white marks on plastic either use masking tape around the edge of the plastic or use a trim restorer to remover the marks ( auto finesse revive for example) someone will be along with other methods, eraser etc.

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Never let autoglm Polish dry on plastic trim. If you get it some on it clean it straight away.. I use auto masking tape from o line detailing sites.

Gtechniq do a good trim protector cleaner.. C4

I use there c2v3 over the top of meguiar's ultimate liquid wax they say it's good over everything gives added shine and lasts a good few months. Nothing sticks to the paint

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