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Help - 2.9 V6 Idles At 2000Rpm

White S3

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My 1991 2.9 v6 has started to idle at 2000rpm when clod or warm. I have cleaned the Idle Speed Control Valve and throttle assembly, tried swapping ICV and the throttle position sensor but without joy. Engine sometimes idles slower but not often. Tried disconnecting various sensors that affect the idle speed but it just made it faster again so believe that they all are working.

Anyone has any suggestions as to how to get it back to normal 850-950rpm when stationary?

(Fuller version of this posted on "Maintenance Forum")


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Hi - have you checked ALL vacuum pipes for perishing?

Have you tried spraying something like wd40 (via the small tube that comes with the can) around the edges of inlet manifold gaskets and other inlet gasket faces?

It sounds like an intermittent air-leak and the spraying would alter the idle speed if it sucked any fluid in (acts like additional fuel source).

If you know someboby with a smoke detector kit - you can fit it into the air intake tubing with a rubber bung . . . then flood the inlet system with the smog - any air leak will show up as "smoke" leaking - use a torch to identify just where the leak is . . .

The better systems have U.V. dye so with a uv light they show up leaks REALLY well :-).

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