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Ford Fiesta 1.5 Tdci Oil Consumption

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hi , I am an owner of a 2013 fiesta 1.5 TDCI with 26.000km , three weeks ago I had a warning "low oil pressure" , I had to add 1.5 liters of oil first , then another 2 at the dealer , yes my car was running with only 0.5 liters of oil just fine

I took it to the dealer they checked for leaks , there are none , they just sent me home , they said that they don't understand the problem , when i got back home I checked the turbo so I took off the air inlet , and it had oil in there , no play in the turbine , I took off the other inlet from the turbo to the throttle body and it was full of black burned out oil

since I couldn't go to the dealer until the week end , and they have minimum service in the week end , I can't just stand here and keep filling oil for a damn new car , so I asked around for some owners feed back , one told me that the car have a problem from the factory regarding piston rings , and at the dealer they told him that they will change the upper half of the engine but they don't have the needed parts

is what I heard real ? or is there another problem ?

PS: our dealers are not your dealers , we have 3rd world dealers , I live in Algeria

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its a factory problem with this lot , i have one of the first 1.5 TDCI ever produced in this side of the world (i mean not in india)

well it seems that no one ever had the same problem , the dealer will change the engine for me for free , but it will take a long time

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