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Scratched Paint Costs


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Although I live outside the UK, normally I can convert Pounds to Euro and get a rough price. Anyway, two scratches have appeared on the passenger door on my Fiesta. Whether they are my fault or not I have no idea as I don't recollect hitting anything but given my lack of driving experience it is possible in any event they need fixed. Both are about 2-3 inches long and down to the metal, are very straight and are pretty much parallel. The car is in standard (non-metallic) red paint. So the question is what's the cost likely to be? Also should I go with Ford or risk a normal bodyshop?

Any help appreciated as until now I had never had to go to a dealer for a repair. The car is celebrating it's first birthday this week so I am keen to keep it in good condition.

Cheers and thanks,


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Ring around local body shops before taking to Ford as they're usually more expensive. Given the description and the fact it's non metallic you'll be looking around the £100-£150 mark as it will only be the one repair if they're quite close.

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Thanks for your quick reply. That is not so bad, I had read some awful quotes online for €800 plus. Best practice my best car repair French or German :)

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