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A Step Too Far Perhaps?


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I'm not sure if I'm being a little childish here or not so I'm going to run this past people;

I'm looking at picking a new white ST3 up come September-ish (haven't ordered yet, but nothing else catches my fancy really!)

Now I like carbon fibre. A lot. I have a phone case with it, I handbuilt my PC case out of it, I even have a carbon fibre back scratcher!

Sooo... Carbon fibre bonnet (not vented or anything, just a straight replacement) and an RS style spoiler with the wing section either carbon wrapped or skinned, thoughts folks? Nope, the roof isn't getting wrapped and I'm not going to put it anywhere else outside so this would be the limit here. I'm also thinking dark gold/bronze alloys too and lower on some coilovers. Total cost I think is somewhere around £1,200 before finding some alloys and seems tempting.

Am I stuck in my childhood here? >.<

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Dark gold/bronze/black alloys says chav to me, but then I'm old :)

Surely money spent on performance would be better?

Who gives a s hit if it looks pretty? But I'm old :D

And white? Glad I'm not cleaning it every few days.

I understand where you're coming from but that's back when I was <25.

These days, when I see a car screaming "look at me", I think - d ick.

Mods, I plead guilty, send me down.

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As long as you like and you can afford it then I see no problem.

If we were all the same what would be the point!!

Personally I like the carbon ideas just the rims wouldn't be for me.

But like I said we're all different :)

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I wouldn't be a wrapped bonnet it'd be the real thing :P

The spoiled I'd be getting is this one http://www.sico-developments.co.uk/products/mk7-fiesta-rs-style-spoiler

I'd get the wing section wrapped or skinned as I don't have the ability to make something quite as large as the wing section myself. This is pretty much a definite on the list.

Mirrors I'll most likely make some carbon covers, give me something to do :P

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I know it's personal choice at the end of the day, but to me carbon fibre is a bit old hat, other than the weight reduction, it doesn't do a lot for me anymore

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I'd go with carbon wing mirrors and possibly the diffuser but the bonnet is a bit big I think.

I always think when I see cars with different colour bonnets it just looks like they've had an accident and got a spare, but that's just me lol.

Personally I'd go with subtle carbon accessories but keep them small

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Carbon wing mirrors, carbon splitter, carbon diffuser. Possibly carbon wrapped plastics. I think that's as far as I would go. But your car, your choice! As long as you like it who the hell cares!!!

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this is just me but with my white fiesta i wanted to paint the wing mirrors either baby blue (with blue rims) or bright green (with green rims)

if i could stretch i could have a body kit painted baby blue - and a blue stripe. the only thing stopping me is i can't visualise what it'd look like without photoshop

EDIT: gallery_63063_1726_187302.jpg

... in hindsight, this was a terrible idea. or my photoshop skills are terrible. either way, that's an image pulled from google search

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