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Oil Issues


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Hi all,

First post here and all that jazz.

I have a 55 plate fiesta ST which had a reconditioned engine put in about 3 weeks ago now. This was because the previous engine's big end bearing went.

I drove it home from the garage (200 miles) and after it sitting on the drive over night there was a big puddle of oil under the car. Called the RAC who reckoned it was the rear crankshaft seal. This was confirmed by a local garage who replaced it under guarantee from the original garage for about £500.

I got it back yesterday, drove to work and back today and now again there is a big oil slick under the car and oil actually dripping from the bell housing onto the tarmac same as before.

So the two thoughts i have are A) was it not the crankshaft seal and why didn't this get picked up on? or B) Did the garage fit it badly?

Any thoughts would be seriously appreciated as this is rapidly becoming a nightmare!



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£500 for a crank seal replacement!?

Sounds like they either didn't fit it properly or didn't use a decent quality seal. Or something isn't right with the reconditioning (crank issue maybe) so the seal will never last...hopefully not that though!

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