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Fiesta Titanium X "keyless Door Opening"


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On the 'keyless' Fiesta Mk7.5 models, is it possible to configure the car to unlock ALL of the doors with ONE press of the drivers button, just as you could do with the 'keyed' Fiesta's?

My reason for asking is because when we go out in my 'keyless' Fiesta, only the drivers door is unlocked with one press of the button and, when I press it again to open the other doors and the boot, for some reason, they don't always unlock and my wife and family get a bit annoyed when they can't get in. :(

This happened today and even pressing the button twice did not even open ANY doors so I don't know what's going on here - maybe I pressed the button too quick or, maybe it wasn't quick enough? It's a great system but it's peeing me off a bit.

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