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Replacement Door Handle (2006 Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 5 Door Hatchback)


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Apologies firstly as I'm a newbie to the forum.


Unfortunatley the other day, the bar that runs along the top of the 'cut-out' has broken off, it is un-repairable as the plastic joints have shattered.

I have marked it in red on this picture : https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8oycemlhuf7vit/fiesta-door-mark.jpg?dl=0

I'd like to go about replacing it, and looking at some suggestions...

Is the door handle replaceable, or is it a part of the whole door card ? I've seen a couple listed on e-bay, but some appear to have the part that I have broken missing ...

Lastly, how easy is it to replace ? I guess there would be connections for the electric-door switch and radio Speakers.

I guess this would cost mega-bucks to get an official ford dealer to replace :D

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your suggestions.


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The door handle is easily replaced! Held in with 2 torque screws! The plastic cover that houses the window switches simply pops off with a few clips using trim removal tools or carefully with a screwdriver. I've done it a good 30 times between my 2 mk6's.

Im breaking a fiesta at the minute. I can do you the whole door card (again, a very easy to swap job. Remove the handle, 2 10mm bolts in the bottom, a screw behind the door handle, the mirror blanking plate and just ply it Off. Remove the door handle cable and you're off. The speaker & wiring is all built into the actual door itself, as I found out stripping mine to retrofit electric Windows) for £26.50+p&p. Or the door handle and the plastic cover in case you manage to break yours for £15 posted including the screws :)

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Quick note.. the only wiring you will have to deal with regardless of which route you choose will be the electric window switches. these simply unplug from the switch after pushing a clip in with a screwdriver. Becomes obvious once you get to it

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