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Dmf On Its Way Out?

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Hi guys,

looking for some help from the collective!

Since ive had the car ive had a slight knock on or after acceleration, from the sound of it its coming from the gearbox area. in the past it was suggested it could be the mounts

Yesterday its taken a turn for the worse.

The knock is still there but im now getting a few other noises, if i accelerate, lift off then flaw the clutch im getting a noise that sounds like a rubbing noise like a spinning metal wheel being slowed down by metal pipe held against it.

Theres also a slightly louder clunk which sounds more metalic when accelerating and theres a very slight hesitation between RPM rising and moving forward but almost nothing.

Now that last one sounds like clutch, and shes done 70k so could be, but i did a few standing tests and she stalled in 3rd and 4th, wasnt sure if i should try 2nd or not.

Finally, i had the drums replaced on the rear with discs with are working fine but since they share the same brake fluid i thought i should mention it.

any suggestions? its all getting a bit noisy on gear change and acceleration for my liking, somethings not a happy bunny

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I get that too. Have 102k on the car. Clutch slips the odd time to. I notice too a loud noise at 1500rpm in all gears. Been like this for a while tho.

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I'm always paranoid about the DMF... :(

Broke one on a previous car...racing a mate. I did win though. :lol:

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Are there any updates on this Darren?

I've started noticing the odd rattle recently and trying to brush it off as something else.  But it sounded awful as it started this afternoon, then got the same noise and a shudder rolling and 'bumping' the clutch in 1st in traffic this evening.

I'm sure I'd read that the 1.6 TDCi uses some 'special' DMF that doesn't often break but this is worrying me now tbh. :unsure: 


Edit - 2015!?  Have you made another DMF thread since?  Sure I only read this recently! :laugh: 

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