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Bluefin 100Ps Remap...


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I've probably mentioned this is other peoples topics so apologies for the repitition but I'm just wondering is there anyone out there who actually HAS the bluefin 100ps - 140 remap who could give me a quick rundown of how then find it and their experience of before n after?

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I have it on my Titanium 100ps. I have been running it for around a year and a half - it makes a very big difference. I’m not a hard accelerating type so it’s more about the torque for me and that’s very noticeable. Hard acceleration can be a little brutal but as I said, not my reason for buying. I just wanted a more capable car, as it were.

The torque pulls and pulls and when you think it should start running out it keeps going that bit more, and then a bit more still. Very handy for getting up to speed easily and quickly, easy overtakes etc, it’s also a cracking little motorway cruiser now and a genuinely quick little car. It has honestly made a huge difference. Delivery is smooth and consistent; I guess it just feels like it’s the same car with all the same traits but with an added hefty dollop of something in reserve when you want it. It’s good anyway but that extra power and torque really does put a smile on your face.

When due in for a service I plug in the handset, restore the original map and put the Bluefin map back on after. Reliability has been perfect an brake and tyre wear no different. I’d say use it with the mechanical sympathy you would use in any car as you are shoving a lot more torque and power through the existing transmission etc, same with the turbo etc.

Got to be honest - downsides 1. it invalidates your warranty. If this is a concern don’t do it OR take the view I did that you’ll remove/reinstalled it before/after garage visits but that’s your decision. After two services and three visits to resolve Sync and puddle light issues, nothing has been noted by the dealer. 2. Fuel consumption is a little higher but nothing to be concerned about. 3. When you remove/reinstall it messes up the clock and all stereo sound preferences. 4. The extra power/torque can still be affected by your own bad driving- ie: changing down a gear on a long steep hill during an overtake can still leave you with turbo lag and a botched overtake. Stick it in gear, toe down and it keeps pulling as hard and as reliably as you expet. 5. You can’t transfer the handset to another similar car without paying up a fee for them to unlock and transfer it, £250 I think, a shame but there you go. It’s bound to the car unless they unlock it.

I have no regrets, very pleased. Hope that helps.

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That was a very good summary and it is much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time. My only concern at the moment is the warranty (I paid and extra £359 for an extra year at the end of the manufacturer warranty) so once I figure out what way I feel about that I'll know!

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