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Dab Radio


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Hi all,

picked up my fiesta st yesterday and was wondering how i set the DAB radio up.

It says Block 1A, Block 1B, anyone know what these mean and how i set it up?

all help much appreciated.


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I've always been confused by the DAB as well lol. You can search through the different "blocks" to find different stations but I think there's probably a way to set your favourite stations. I've never bothered because I either listen to my own music or local BBC radio.

Hope you're enjoying the ST anyway :)

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Blocks on a DAB radio are basically different frequency ranges.

On a standard FM radio each station is analogue so has to be on it's own frequency.

DAB radios work differently, as the signal is digital you have more than one station transmitting on each available frequency.

The blocks are basically each frequency allocated to DAB transmission within which a handful of subscribing broadcasters are licensed to transmit.

Certain blocks may be empty due to that frequency being un-allocated or because it is held for another country to transmit on.

Basically, if you don't have any channels transmitting in certain blocks just skip them.

A full rescan occasionally will help to ensure that you have all the available channels in your area.

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Press list and it will pick up a fair few automatically, generally you have to be on DAB1 for most mainstream stations, other than that just press and hold the right arrow to scroll through and pick them up, pressing it seems to just scroll to another blank station.

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it will show at the bottom of the screen, it say List, it's one of the 4 constant buttons at the bottom, same ones you use to scroll between SAT NAV address input, like numbers and letters etc

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