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Hi all,

Looking for some advice (as always) -

I have a few small marks/stains (not those type before anyone starts 馃槉) on the the seats & head liner of my focus.

Other than paying someone with a wet/dry vac can anyone tell me the best way to remove them?

I was doing to use warm soapy water & brush but worried the brush might make material bobbley & soap leave a larger stain/viable area.

Thanks in advance

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Try the foam upholstery cleaners. Spray it, work in with a damp sponge and leave it. Once it's dry give it a hoover or use a stiff bristled brush (Asda do a car upholstery brush for a couple of quid. It's surprisingly good).

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It's good stuff!!

I used it to clean the webbing & padding on a rucksack last week - amazing how dirty these things can get (it's only what, 13 years old? Not really used for camping - more for going on courses with Cadets lol)

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I use Inspired automotive, supplied to me by shine & drive. For both the interior and exterior ! The only product I don't use from them is the glass sealent

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