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Smell Of Diesel When I Stop In Traffic Or Reverse


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Hi, I recently purchased my mk 2 focus 1.6 tdci estate car to replace my company car due to retirement.all seems well ,she goes quite nicely,however when I stop in traffic or reverse a little I get a strong smell of old diesel in the passenger compartment,but not if the fan is set to off.so far I have replaced the oil and filter the pollen filter and engine air filter to no avail.the gear-lever gaiter was holed so that was replaced still with no improvement.the rubber seal along the rear of the engine bay,in front of the air intake(below the windscreen ) was loose ,now reinstated still has not solved the smell.if I have been on the road a stop the car and walk around it I get the same strong smell of old diesel? I would appreciate any help /comments.this car has 107,000 on the clock. Much obliged peter

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Hi John,nice one!,I removed and checked the pipe for cracks,it was sound,but the small Tee off to the rocker cover has an "O" ring which seem worn a that joint is very sloppy ,I taped up the joint as temporary measure whilst I get the proper ring.the temporary solution is working ok. Many thanks

Much obliged Peter

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On 16/07/2016 at 11:13 PM, Peterfix said:

Eventually fixed it with new injector seals , have proven over sensible test period , thanks for everyone's help! ,Peter

Thanks for the feedback, always useful. I presume the old seals were leaking were leaking burnt & unburnt gases into the engine bay. I expect your mpg has improved after the fix!

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