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Ford Puma Mystery


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Hi Everyone

Can anyone help me try and solve the "mystery" with my Y Reg Puma?

It has had a few problems, all now fixed, however there is one that is a mystery to both myself and a mechanic friend!!!!

Turn the car on, fine, all lights on dashboard go out. On going over a speed bump, there is a loud rumbling noise, (sounds like someone hungry), it continues until foot pressure is applied to the brake pedal, then the rumbling gets louder and the brake pedal becomes tense and sharp and seems to spring upwards to tap the bottom of my foot! I then have to pump the brake pedal, the noise disappears and the pedal becomes "normal". This all happens when steering off a kerb, when the car is on full lock or when going over a speed bump. Of late, the same has happened when just driving in a straight line. With all of the above, the ABS light comes on on the dash, until the ignition is turned off and turned on again. This does not happen every time I drive the car but seems to be happening too many times for my comfort!!

I have mentioned this "mystery" to a few people and they are all clueless as well!

If anyone who likes puzzles has even a clue what is going on with my car, I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks.

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I would whip the wheels off and have a looksie. I reckon the fault should be pretty clear. My other half's french heap did this, it was a broken reluctor ring (a cog looking thing which ABS sensor reads and detects for locking of brakes). However I am not certain if Fords have them seperate or as part of the hub assembly.

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