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Novice Fiesta Wax/polish Questions


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Hey all,

To say I'm a novice when it comes to what polishes/waxes etc to buy for my Fiesta (2012 Zetec, black) would be an understatement - clueless is probably more like it :lol:

I bought some Autoglym shampoo/conditioner and ultra deep shine - then I started reading up on the best products to buy - should have done this before buying anything, I know!

So I presume that just wash + ultra deep shine won't last long since without wax it won't be protected? If that's the case I'm looking at getting a sample pot of Dodojuice Blue Velvet which seems highly recommended here and elsewhere, and suited to dark paint colours.

My main question is, is the combo of ultra deep shine and then blue velvet a good one to go for? I realise there's likely better suggestions for polish than ultra deep shine (suggestions welcome!) but since I've used the stuff once and have near 500ml left, I'd rather find something that will complement it well for now and then maybe look at alternatives once it runs out.

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There are loads of threads on here about detailing cars and the plethora of products available. Just make sure you only buy ph neutral ones so they don't strip off what you've put on.

You really need to decide how much you want to spend cause it will cost you at least £100 for anything decent.

I would use up your autoglym products whilst you research and buy everything you need that way you aren't wasting any

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Philf1 is right that it can cost up too £100 if not more for serious detailing but you can get a very deep gloss for much less at around £40. You all ready have the shampoo and the only other things needed to get the gloss your looking for will be a medium grade clay £15 mitt autoglym super resin polish £10 and autoglym extra gloss protection £10. So your only looking at around £35 as the prices are an estimate. I've been a professional detailer now for over 10 years and even though these products are quite old now you still get great results.

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Steven I agree and have used autoglym products in the past and been happy with the results. Then I started using more specific detailing products and boy what a difference they can make. I guess you will agree it's also about how you use them as much as what you use, as with most things preparation is king as you've described in your other threads.

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Hope I'm ok to pop in here to ask a few questions along a similar vain (maybe we can get some more info between all of us).

Collecting my new Fiesta in a few weeks in Metallic Magnetic colour (first new car) and from having an older second hand car and not looking after it, I want to at least try and keep it in good nick.

I'll be up front, I am definitely not bothered to go to extreme lengths to detail my car (lazy git that I am) so I doubt I'll be focussed on getting perfect detailing after every outing. What I am looking at doing however is trying to keep the car clean and the paint in reasonable condition.

So, the up shot is I am thinking of the following :

Bimonthly - 2 bucket wash with something like Meguiars or Autoglym Shampoo/Conditioner then dry with large micro fibre or chamoix.

Monthly - With the above once a month would something like Autoglym aqua wax etc. be worth it?

Biannually - 2 bucket wash and a carnauba wax

Would that be a rough decent start, obviously the products would be whatever fits best, not limiting myself to anything specific.

As for the car from new, I might be inclined to pay for a full one off detailer to give it a wash and de contaminate, iron x, tar x etc? That way I could keep on top of the cleaning. I'm just not sure if I need to to decontaminate it after taking delivery, seeing a lot of videos/information that shows how dirty the car can be at delivery from transportation.

Any advice would be more than welcome, thank you.

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Peter first off forget the chamoix and go for microfibre cloths. Asda do them at £3 a shot and they are really good, get yourself half a dozen, they also do a selection of smaller ones maybe 12 in a pack which are worth getting for buffing.

I prefer the megs over the autoglym personally. If you don't want to go to town I would suggest a good wash then use something like the megs 3 stage polish then wax and sealant. Get some glass sealant as well. If you do that a couple of times a year your weekly wash can be just that. When you do your big wash use iron x as well to get rid of the crap that's all over you will be surprised how much rubbish is on the car it also cleans your alloys.

Also use a sheepskin mit for washing not a sponge. If you can afford a power washer get one, B&Q have a fair selection, and get some decent snow foam to use as a pre-wash every time.

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Cheers for the advise Phil, between this thread and some other forums, CYC, detailing world etc. I am starting to narrow down a shopping list.

Again, not fussed about maintaining show room standards, just my current car is in a state and want to protect my investment somewhat :)

My new car routine will be something along the lines of :

  • 2 bucket wash (Sonax pH neutral) with MF or lambswool mitt
  • clay the car with Farecla G3 clay mitt
  • Dry car with large MF towel (waffle weave)
  • AG HD cleanser
  • Sealant/Wax (still undecided on which one, Collinite 476, 845, Meguiars Wax, AG HD Wax, Sonax Sealant etc.)

This will be first wash and I will have to buy some more products as time goes on to cover the following :

  • Polish
  • Alloy cleaner/sealant
  • Glass cleaner
  • Interior cleaner
  • Screen wash
  • Iron X
  • Proper clay kit
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